One Excellent Recovery Product for Endurance Sports

This is one excellent recovery product for endurance sports. No hype! No bogus claims! All results! Give it a try! I did!

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus

Training for endurance events requires real recovery not a cupboard full of toxic powders that might be cross-contaminated with illegal substances.

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus is, for me, the most effective protein supplement I have used. I run nearly a marathon on average each day and heavily rely on nutrition for fuel and recovery. It isn’t “colorful” and looks like clay, but if you want a real product expect to discover one in it’s purest form. It’s not artificially sweetened, but doesn’t need to be! If you need flavor it has just enough but don’t expect it to taste like a highly-sugared recovery supplement! I simply mix it in 10 ounces of water and drink it after eating a recovery meal.

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus’ organic protein blend is composed of sprouted, enzymatically activated, Non-GMO brown rice protein and hemp protein as well as an enhancement blend and spirulina blue-green algae for kidney/immune system function. It can be found at most Whole Foods Markets. If you can’t find a store in your area that carries it you can order it directly.

I also recommend reading the white papers. It’s a great way to know how serious this brand is…


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