Over the years I have experienced both gratification and disappointment at the finish line. It was either because a goal was or wasn’t met. If a goal wasn’t met I didn’t let the performance affect my motivation. My heart understood there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little disappointment. Many hours and months of hard work was put in and it all built up to the day of the race. Whether good or bad, I always had emotions at the finish.

It goes without saying that if embraced in a positive manner, disappointment will be a stepping stone to confidence and success. The key is to be accountable; take responsibility for your performance. When you take responsibility for your performance whatever disappointment you may be feeling at that moment will serve as a serious wake up call and set you in the right direction. Training sessions afterwards will be more successful and you will succeed, eventually. Just stay focused and give it your best.

It is important for athletes to embrace their mistakes. Never place the blame elsewhere. Being a responsible athlete is being a conscious athlete. You will learn to listen to your body both during training and competition. Accountability brings results. These are some things you can expect from being accountable:

  • A more focused and restful mind
  • Playing a larger role in the planning process
  • More productive day
  • Better training sessions
  • Healthier habits
  • Greater patience and direction
  • More successful outcomes

One of the hardest things to do as an athlete is to embrace disappointment but if you do the process of elimination can begin. You can begin to heal from your mistakes as well as make improvements to your training plan.

From experience I learned it is my responsibility to succeed whether it be training or competing. Succeeding doesn’t always mean winning. Success for me was learning. It was key for me and I highly encourage all runners to remain patient through every up and down. Stay focused, listen a lot, learn as much as you can and continue to understand what works for you. Everything will come together. Always ask questions. Always believe in yourself. Believing leads to responding.  Believing leads to success.


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