Overcoming Weaknesses

Be bold: Believe in yourself and you will succeed.

Training sessions are discovery sessions: They expose strengths and weaknesses. It is important to embrace both. With time and effort many weaknesses will become not only strengths but powerful motivators. Overcoming a weakness will give you the drive to focus more deeply and push even harder.

A weakness is as simple as not being able to perform seven pushups to not reaching mile three during a three mile run. Regardless of the fitness level, overcoming an obstacle is progress and will take your determination to a different level. The key is slowly and patiently allowing your body to adapt to any new stress before moving forward.

Rarely will you find an elite athlete who hasn’t been overcoming weaknesses for over 20 years. It took time to become as focused and determined as they are.

Start today by going just a little further. If you regularly run one mile, increase your distance to one mile and a quarter. If you perform six pushups each day, increase them to eight. Stick with the new intensity for at least four weeks and increase. This is what being bold and confident is all about: Slowly growing over time and overcoming weaknesses. You will remain injury free, positive and motivated.


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