Day 2: 7 Days; 7 Words to Keep You Going

May 19, 2017

Second Word: Constancy

When a person is dedicated their mind can endure a lot. The key is to focus and keep going one step at a time. Some days are much better than others but every day is a part of something greater… you!

Pain can create doubt. Pain can turn something great into something terrible. Being sore but not injured, the day after a challenging workout can cause a person, who was so close to reaching the next level of their own personal health, to stop.

To get to the next level takes determination and constancy. It doesn’t take a lot, it only takes not giving up. Every day, rise, breathe and says these words…

“I am enough.”

Take one step… take two steps and keep on stepping because you are stepping on doubt. If your body is sore and aches it is okay. Every step, large or small, you take is still action and progress towards your goal.

Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison


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